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Loewe Concept L 32 review

The new affordable Loewe Concept range is hi-def-friendly, with 1366x768 resolution and HDMI input and some half-decent looks

It’s a myth that LCD technology is more suited to small screen sizes. The days of LCD being confined to sultry portables are long gone. The biggest set currently available in the UK is 45in, and 65in designs are in the offing.

Most LCDs also flatten their flatscreen rivals for HD-friendly levels of resolution – you can get a 1920×1080 LCD from Sharp. No plasma on Earth gets close.

Bearing this in mind, few TVs can rival the gorgeous styling and techno-overload spec of Loewe’s top-end LCD sets but there’s a price for such perfection: dip into the options list and a full-house Spheros could set you back more than five grand.

To get similar style for less cash – without all the functionality, natch – consider the new Loewe Concept range: it’s still hi-def-friendly, with 1366×768 resolution and HDMI input, and, just as importantly, it’s a helluva lot more affordable.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5