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LG RH200MH review

A jack of all trades, this digital recorder. Will it tick all your boxes?

This flexible device accepts all DVD recording formats, including DVD-RAM and DVD+R Dual Layer discs, and houses a 250GB hard-disk drive (HDD). Other niceties include an HDMI output and a memory card reader, the only feature missing being a digital Freeview tuner.

Up and running, the TV tuner delivers a solid signal, helping the LG create impressively faithful recordings. Nevertheless, we recommend you steer clear of the lowest-quality EP mode, which is too jittery – the 66hrs recording space available from top-quality XP should satisfy all but the most enthusiastic time shifters.

DVD playback

Switch to DVD (best via HDMI), and the good news continues: the LG paints a good picture, meaning serious movie fans don’t have to invest in an additional play-only machine. Mind you, up against the class leaders, the LG’s performance – both off-air and from DVD – isn’t quite flawless: the best rivals manage even greater contrast and detail, plus more vivid colours.

Still, these advantages are slim, and the LG not only looks good but is brilliantly simple to use. That counts for a lot. Our only other gripe here is the price: we wish the LG was a little cheaper.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5