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JVC LT-32DX7 review

This 32-inch JVC offering is HD ready and has everything from Freeview to Integrated DIST. What the hell’s that, you ask? Read on

While it’s a bit ‘me too’, this set’s styling is elegant enough and, tech-wise, the JVC looks more than up to the job. It has everything from Freeview to Integrated DIST. Whatever that is.

OK, we do know really. DIST stands for digital image scaling technology, a package of image-enhancing gizmos designed to squeeze the last drop of picture quality from any source. And it works: the JVC looks great off-air and even better with hi-def material.

It has 2x10w speaker power and a bunch of connections including S-Video, 2xScart (RGB), 2xHDMI, PC.It’s classy and reasonably cheap at the same time. Something to think about, definitely.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5