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Blaze XPloder PS2 HDTV review

Is it possible to 'upscale' games from a PS2, just as you can upscale DVD? Possible or not, Blaze is going to have a go anyway...

You’ve got to hand it to peripheral have-a-go heroes Blaze – they tackle problems that would have most other sensible game add-on companies throwing up their hands and surrendering.

Like the problem of how to make the defiantly low-def PS2 play games in 1080 hi-def without cracking it open and soldering some new electronics in there. Most companies would have seen that as pretty insurmountable. Not Blaze.


All in the output

Naturally, getting your PS2 to output in a resolution it wasn’t designed to isn’t a simple matter. In addition to the – really pretty good — component cable you get in the box, there’s a software disc. And this is not a disc you load once – you have to load it EVERY SINGLE TIME you want to play a game in hi-def.


Simply (“simply” they say) bang it in, a Blaze screen pops up, you select a resolution, swap in your disc, and Bingo! High-res video out of a last-gen console.


Stuff Says…

Score: 2/5