Wacom launches 24-inch multi-touch tablet for design pros

US$3,700 Cintiq 24HD Touch adds multi-touch to let you pan, zoom, rotate an image or spin a 3D model

Professional graphic designers and artists seeking the latest toy to write off on their tax returns would do well to look over the new Cintiq 24HD Touch from Wacom.

This 24-inch tablet is a full digital drawing board with over a billion colours on its screen and compatibility with all the expected software from Adobe and Corel. There's a pen for drawing, but this tablet's killer app is multi-touch: you can use gestures and swipes to pan, zoom or rotate an image; or if you're creating a 3D model, you can manipulate it using your fingers.

Looks pretty sweet to us. Now there's just the small matter of saving up the $US3,700 (£2,385) it'll cost.

[via Fast Company]

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