Stuff Gadget Awards 2012 – Tablet of the Year shortlist

We've touched, swiped and stroked some of the finest tablets in existence to whittle them down to the best of the best. Check out our best tablets shortlist for the Stuff Gadget Awards 2012

We've wrapped our mitts around a cavalcade of sleek and shiny slates to whittle them down to this best tablets shortlist for the Stuff Gadget Awards 2012.

Apple iPad

£400 (16GB, Wi-Fi)

The Apple iPad's Retina Display is so eye-wateringly good that Apple had to make up a word – Resolutionary – to describe it. And with quad-core graphics to push those extra pixels, coupled with Apple's rock solid build quality, the iPad is a true titan of the tablet world.

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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity

£630 (32GB with keyboard)

The Transformer Pad Infinity packs in the same keyboard morphing skills and handy USB port as its Transformer Prime predecessor, but bests it with a full HD display and higher-clocked Tegra 3 processor. A veritable tablet Swiss army knife.

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Asus Padfone


Asus' innovative phone-come-tablet hybrid wins massive geek points for thinking outside the box, thanks to its docking system which transforms an already respectable 4.3in Android smartphone into a 10.1in tablet. Magic.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

£400 (16GB, Wi-Fi)

The Samsung Galaxy Note's sheathed S-Pen provides plenty of output for creativity and on-the-go scribbling, while its generous 2GB RAM and quad-core power makes for a silky smooth Ice Cream Sandwich experience.

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD

£160 (16GB, Wi-Fi)

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD delivers Amazon's top-notch ebook and music service via its 7in screen, all wrapped up in a sturdy rubberised body. Plus its battery keeps it ticking over past the ten hour mark, for the same price as the Google Nexus 7 – and with double the storage capacity.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7


Well-built with a bright sharp screen and a road warrior-worthy battery life. the Galaxy Tab 7.7 packs plenty of tablet goodness into its sleek metal frame.

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Sony Xperia Tablet S


Sony's Xperia Tablet S offers a refreshing twist on the standard rectangular slabs littering the tablet market, thanks to its luxurious aluminium frame and unique "folded" design. With DLNA streaming and its ability to double up as a universal remote, it'll happily lounge about in your living room too.

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Google Nexus 7

£160 (8GB Wi-Fi)

The Google Nexus 7 burst into the tablet market with its £160 price tag, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and Tegra 3 innards, leaving nothing but chaos in its wake. The specs:price ratio offered by the Big G's 7-incher made every other cheap Android tablet obsolete, earning it its game-changer status.

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