Samsung to announce NX20 in February?

Word on the virtual streets is Sammy is about to drop a vintage compact system camera

Another day, another camera rumour. The latest chatter suggests that Samsung is going to reveal an NX20 next month – an advanced upgrade to the NX10 and 11 – with the camera coming on sale in April.

Seemingly taking its design cue from Fujifilm's X Pro 1 and its family of old-skool cams – as well as the recently leaked Samsung NX200-RS (pictured above) – the NX20 is rumoured to sport a drool-inducing vintage design with retro stylings.

So far, so aesthetically pleasing. On the inside, rumoured specs (courtesy of Mirrorless Rumours) include full manual control, a 1.8 million pixel electronic viewfinder and a twisty-turny swivelling AMOLED display.

It's also thought the new compact system camera will arrive rocking the same sensor as the NX200, but will pack a faster processor and buffer. Additionally, two brand spanking new lenses – a 16-80mm and 12-24mm – are rumoured to be putting in an official appearance alongside the NX20, together with a new flash.

So it looks like a new design and improved performance are on the cards for Samsung's NX11 successor. We'll find out soon enough, come February.

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