Real life Wall E took 2 years to make

From the man who brought you a life-size working R2-D2, meet Wall E in the metallic skin

Got 3800 hours on your hands? Then you too – with a lot of skill – could build yourself a Wall E robot. That’s how long it took Pixar enthusiast Mike Senna of California to manage the task – totally from scratch.

Mike, who previously built a life sized working model of R2-D2, spent 25 hours a week working on his fully working Wall E while somehow fitting in his day job. He simply watched the Wall E film over and over to get the exact movements to develop his own schematics to build the little rubbish compacting fellow.

He paid for the whole project himself with the only goal of seeing children happy at the City of Hope pediatric cancer charity event. So pop over to Senna's blog to enjoy more pictures and videos and show him your support.

[Via Blastr]

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