PSP 4000 in line for late 2009 release

Gamers the world over have been holding out for a proper PSP2 or PSP phone for well over a year now. And while the launch of a true successor is still

Dubbed the PSP–4000 and following the 3000 model, unveiled back in September, the news, dug up Eurogamer, suggests that it won't be much of a hardware bump, instead focusing on fixing screen issues and generally working harder and faster under the hood.

As for the much–vaunted PSP2, rumours suggest Sony has already set to work on a stack of new games, although obviously when pressed the men in suits they'd rather not comment.

While you build yourself into a tizzy of expectation, make sure you check out our in–depth review of the PSP–3000 now. And remember to mouth off about it in the comments section too!