OS X Mountain Lion won’t come out of its App Store cave

It looks like Apple’s servers are breaking under the pressure of all the people wanting to download its latest OS X update

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 was released earlier today – at least that was the plan – but we’ve been getting a bucket load of Apple fans complaining that they can’t download the new OS.

As you can see from the above picture, tweeted to us by @JA55ON, Apple’s servers appear to be maxed out under the strain of its own popularity. Knowing Apple it’ll be up and running again soon. But considering Apple’s ever-growing server resources – which should be able to handle the strain easily – Mountain Lion is looking on track to become one of Apple's most popular OS upgrades yet.

Read what's new in Mountian Lion or all about why OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 is so popular, for reasons other than its £14 price tag. If you've had problems let us know on Twitter @StuffTV. Others who have got in contact:

@bgreenhalgh12 – Mountain Lion is on the App Store but gives an error while trying to buy - is this just becauas of the amount of people trying it?

@JA55ON – Gather it's a bit busy on the Apple servers...

@ImranSeedat – Mountain Lion is live on the App Store but it won't let me download. Frustrating to say the least!

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