Nokia Lumia 601 leaked

Is this photo of another blower in the Nokia Lumia line-up, or an impressive fake?

Nokia is churning out handsets featuring Windows Phone OS at a rate that would stagger even Santa’s elves, with the likes of the Lumia 800, Lumia 710 and even the rumoured Lumia 900 flooding out of Finland. And now a Lumia 601 has appeared on Pocketnow, but is it real?

So far the higher-end phones have had higher numbers – so the Lumia 800 features an 8MP snapper, while the Lumia 710 sports a 5MP cam. So to have a new high-end handset called a Lumia 601 seems odd for this clearly 8MP phone. Of course the number system might not be as clear as it appears – if this image is a fake, it’s a very impressive one.

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