Next Big Thing – underwater hotels

It looks like a Bond villain's headquarters, but you don't need a PhD in Evil to stay at this underwater hotel

Dr Evil’s built a new lair?

It sure looks that way – and the Water Discus is certainly a stronghold, built to withstand a tsunami. But it’s actually a hotel, half submerged up to 10m beneath the Arabian Gulf, with the other half floating above the ocean. And the best part is that Polish company Deep Ocean Technology is already beavering away on the space-age hotel.

Where? When? Want!

Easy there, it’s still going to be a while before this is built. But when it is you can expect 21 rooms in the briny deep – near the decompression chamber, dive centre, and bar. Now there’s a combination. Oh and miniature submarines are available for your underwater explorative needs. And for your henchmen to do battle with meddling spies.

So what’s the boring above-water part for?

It’s not so boring. Apart from looking like a collection of flying saucers – as if that wasn’t enough – the bit above the waves is crammed with activities. The 1,500m square top area is for active leisure and extreme marine experiences. That translates to a swimming pool, spa, exotic garden, and multifunctional lobby. If nothing else it would be great for diving off before swimming down to your room. When you can do this or how much it will cost is still unclear, watch this space.

(via DesignBoom)

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