Moto's RAZR-style Blackberry killer

Say hello to the Q -  the world's thinnest QWERTY smartphone wedded to a mighty handsome RAZR-inspired design. Oh, and it also has Win Mob 5.0, Bluetooth and push email...

We've already seen the RAZR V3 make every other phone in the world look fat. Now Moto's set to do the same trick to the planet's QWERTY smartphones.

This is the Q, and it's the world's thinnest QWERTY-packing smartphone at 11.5mm deep. To give you an idea of how Kate Moss thin that is, HP's HW6515 measures a lardy 210mm deep. And yep, it makes the Treo 650 and Blackberry 7230 look like they're in need of a trip to the fat camp.

The Q's other big sell is that it'll be one of the first phones running Windows Mobile 5.0. That means Blackberry-style push email as standard, an easy peasy interface, tonnes of third party software and media support for virtually every codec under the sun (amongst others, Moto's saying MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV plus H.263 and MP4 vids).

Notable specs include a so-so 320 x 240 65k screen, a MiniSD slot, 1.3MP cam with an LED light, a thumbwheel - nice email-friendly touch - and Bluetooth.

Moto's also bigging up the call quality over the Q's rivals, though we'll believe that when we get our hands on one.

Pricing's not out yet, but start saving - you'll be able to buy the Q at the start of 2006.