Motorola Moto 360 2 will land in three models, starting at £220

Cognac Leather, Rose Gold and Sport versions outed ahead of launch

The Moto 360 2 is slated to launch on 8 September, and we’ve already seen leaked shots and even a cheaper Sport edition.

We’ve obtained pricing and model number information from Mobile Fun which shows that there will be three models at launch - the Cognac Leather (SM4234AD6B1), the Rose Gold (SM4245AS6B1) and the Sport (SM4293AE7B1) models.

The large Cognac Leather variant will set you back £270, while the small Rose Gold watch will be £240.

The recently-leaked sport will be the cheapest option at £220, and all variations are available to pre-order from Mobile Fun right not.

Currently only pictures of the rubber-clad Sport are available, though previously leaked pictures show off a cut-off screen, slimmer body, and a new higher position for the crown.

We expect to see all the full details on 8 September, but given the amount of leaks so far, we could very well get the full picture before then.