Motorola KORE wants to make you sweat

Is Motorola on the verge of outing an iPod Nano-baiting portable music/fitness device?

The rumoured Motorola KORE looks like a crossbreed of Sony Ericsson's Live View, an iPod Nano and the Nike+ SportWatch. According to research from Fusible, the KORE will be a small, wearable all-in-one music fitness device. In true sports watch style, it's also rumoured to monitor exercise and training plans, track your runs, walks and bike rides, as well as provide feedback and detailed analysis of your results, much like the Nike+ iPod trainer.

Initial gossip suggested Motorola would be lending the KORE name to the successor of the Xoom, and while the touchscreen device is yet to be confirmed by Motorola, pictures of the mooted device cropped up on the web last month. An appearance is expected at IFA, which takes place at the start of September. If this is indeed the case, we'll be there to bring you the full low-down on Moto's sporty wrist wear.


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