Limited edition leather-backed Samsung Galaxy Alpha released in France

Four styles and just 100 units of each - these designer models are in short supply
Limited edition Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Galaxy Alpha was Samsung’s first shot at using higher-end materials for its smartphones, thanks to its aluminum border, and the company is now taking it a step further with luxurious leather backing options.

But you’ll have to act quick - and be in France - as this partnership with designers Free Lance and Jean-Baptiste Rautureau is a very limited affair, with just 100 units being produced each of four different styles. Each is handmade by French artisans and they’re all rather eye-catching.

It’s not made clear what type of leather is used for any of these; in fact, the result looks a lot more akin to some of the animal skins seen on the back of the Vertu Aster. But whatever the case, the back covers look very refined and give off an air of luxury beyond what the Galaxy Alpha managed on its own with the common build.

Two of the models hail from Free Lance and are said to be targeted at women, with a plant-like logo found on the lower right and a golden finish on the front of the phone. Meanwhile, the Rautureau models feature darker colors with a rather garish black branding of the designer’s name instead (these are the ones purportedly for men), and feature a silver front instead.

Naturally, you’ll have to shell out a bit more for these scarce options. Each model is available for €649 (£509) - a fair premium over the standard models at €569 (£447), but certainly not unexpected.

[Source: Samsung France via PhoneArena]

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