Kobo Glo HD brings the fight to Amazon's Kindle Voyage with a 300ppi screen and £110 price tag

A high resolution screen that undercuts Amazon's champion could result in a new e-reader king

Kobo has just unveiled its new flagship Glo HD e-reader, and it's going straight for the throat of Amazon's Kindle Voyage.

The Glo HD's big sell is its 6in 1448 x 1072 E Ink display, which serves up a Voyage-matching 300ppi - the highest resolution currently available on an e-reader screen.

Its screen also has a built-in 'ComfortLight' for reading in the dark, and promises to last for two months, based on 30 minutes of reading per day, with the Wi-Fi and light turned off.

While it's a little chunkier than its Amazon rival (measuring in at 9.2mm as opposed to 7.6mm), it's a shade lighter at 180g - and it costs a substantial £60 less than the £170 Voyage.

At £110, the Glo HD costs the same as Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite, which has a lower resolution 212ppi display, making Kobo's latest offering a rather attractive option for those looking for a new e-reader.

The more expensive Voyage does offer the ability to turn pages with a simple squeeze on both the left and right bezels, but if you're happy with tapping the screen, then you might be better off saving £60 and going for the Glo HD.

We'll have to reserve our full judgement until we get our hands on a unit in the flesh, ahead of its 1 June release date. Stay tuned for a full review of the Kobo Glow HD, to see how it fares against the greatest e-readers in the world.