Keep out of childrens' reach - Kindle Fire Kids Edition power adapters recalled

7in Kindle Fire could give you a zap too

Keep a close eye on your Kindle Fire Kids Edition wall charger - it could be faulty and might give you a nasty shock.

Amazon has issued a recall for the bundled UK-spec power adapters, which could break apart when you remove them from the wall socket.

The 7in Fire tablet uses the same charger, and is similarly affected.

The issue only applies to tablets sold since September 2015, but you can check if yours is dangerous by looking for the model number: FABK7B is the affected batch.

The Fire HD and Fire HDX are safe, and any hardware sold in countries other than the UK aren’t a danger either.

Amazon isn’t taking any chances - it’s issuing a country-wide recall in the UK and ireland. It has gone into detail about the issue on its website about how to get a replacement. 

You’ll be able to swap out your adaptor free of charge, or get a £12 refund payable directly to your Amazon account so you can pick up a third party model instead. 

In the meantime, both tablets can be charged using the USB port, so you can use an alternative charger or plug your tablet into a PC to top it up.

Just make sure to keep the old adaptor out of reach of your kids until Amazon sends you a replacement.