iPhone 5 to have two new cases?

And one of them is set to have a "major impact on the accessory market." Curiouser and curiouser…

Not content with unleashing the iPad Smart Cover on the world, it looks like Apple's set to do the same for the iPhone accessory market. According to iLounge's "highly reliable source" – the same one who gave them the skinny on the iPhone 5's design – Apple is prepping two new cases for the iPhone 5.

One will be an iPhone 4-style bumper case – no surprises there, as the iPhone 5 is set to use a similar design to its predecessor (albeit thinner, and with a larger 4in screen). The second is more intriguing – it will, says the mystery source, "have a major impact on the accessory market," yet is apparently "not surprising." iLounge reckons it could be a case with a built-in stand – what sort of case would have a major impact on your life? Give us a buzz on Twitter with your ideas.

While you're waiting for the iPhone 5 to make its appearance, you can check out the latest rumours in our iPhone 5 rumour round-up.

[via AppleInsider; iPhone 5 render by Martin Hajek]

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