Hasbro’s new Monopoly zAPPed has iPhone readable debit cards

You mean to say that you’re still using paper money in the 21st century? Shame on you

Hasbro has revealed that the latest version of its classic money-grabbing board game will be called Monopoly zAPPed, and it will rely on debit cards that can be scanned by iOS devices.

The debit cards themselves rely on special conductive paint technology which will enable automatic transfer of funds from players’ accounts when tapped against an iOS device. You’ll also be able to play mini-games to earn your freedom from jail and jail fines, which is a nice touch.

Although many gamers will prefer to grip thick wads of well-earned cash between their greedy fists, we’d rather have our sums worked out automatically. After all, less time spent on a calculator means we’ll have more time to crush our enemies into financial oblivion.

Monopoly zAPPed will be available for US$25 later this year, although specific UK pricing and release details have yet to be released.

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