Having blitzed the mobile market with the super-thin, ultra-classy V3, Motorola has finally added some bells and whistles in the form of a megapixel camera and MicroSD card slot.

If you were a big Razr fan you’ll be pleased to know that nothing much has changed apart from the improved spec and nifty ‘graphite’ finish. It’s a shame the 2in screen and 1.2MP camera aren’t quite up to scratch, but thats the price you pay for being a fashionista.

We waited a long time for the V3i and sadly the new specs are no longer bleeding edge. Not to worry; it still looks and feels great.

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Motorola RAZR V3i review

Long-awaited but not really cutting edge. It still looks and feels great, though

Where to buy Motorola RAZR V3i:

Where to buy Motorola RAZR V3i: