With this 5MP offering you’ll be able to get high-quality shots of a vast range of subjects, without spending a fortune. Five-megapixel sensors are small enough to allow compact camera designs even when they incorporate massive zooms. You can get higher resolutions but in no other megapixel banding do you get this level of versatility.

You’ll also be able to achieve the equivalent of a 35-420mm zoom – the 12x zoom in the Z5 is the longest currently available. It’s perfect for long-range sports and wildlife shots, and while long zooms have a reputation for inducing camera shake, the Z5 incorporates Konica Minolta’s CCD-shift anti-shake system for sharper handheld shots. The Z5’s equally good at everyday photography, too. What a dear.

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Konica Minolta Dimage Z5 review

A bit of an ugly bug, maybe, but an amazing zoom range and full-on photographic control in a camera half the size of an SLR