Under Armour’s Sportsmask is a filtering face mask for fitness fanatics

All the gear, no bacteria
12 June 2020 / 14:06BST

Finding a face mask to match your fitness gear is no mean feat. Sure, you could fashion a DIY visor from a discarded shin pad, but that’s more likely to guard your snout from fracture than infection. For proper sports protection that won’t hold you back, try Under Armour’s new Sportsmask: waterproof and breathable, the reusable shield is designed to prevent the spread of dangerous droplets without inhibiting your inhalation. A mouldable nose bridge promises a fit snugger than your favourite socks, while the three-layer filtering fabric features PROTX2, an anti-microbial treatment that’s been shown to defeat Covid-19 in early lab tests. The Sportsmask will set you back £26 when it launches in late-July – not bad for peace of mind while you pursue your PB.