This AirPods case is better than all other AirPods cases, because it’s also a fidget spinner

Tech innovation of the year?
14 January 2019 / 13:32GMT

Remember fidget spinners? They were a sensation in both classrooms and grown-adult-occupied offices across the world in 2017, but you don’t see many people spinning these days. That could all be about to change, though, if the ZenPod catches on. Billed as ‘the first ever spinning case for your AirPods’, a claim nobody is likely to contest, the leather-wrapped ZenPod is built around two high-precision bearings that keep it spinning for long periods of time. Will it be as satisfying to play with as Apple’s existing AirPods case, which features one of the most addictively clickable lids in history? You’ll have to cough up $40 (including shipping to the UK) to find out.

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