HP’s OMEN X Compact Desktop is a wearable VR games machine

Proper gaming power in backpack proportions
06 June 2017 / 12:59BST

Building your own rucksack PC probably means using reels of silver tape, bodging some bits and enduring a right toasty back. If you’ve £2500 going spare, you can save yourself the DIY time (and sweat) by grabbing this carryable computer from HP. Due in August, it’s overclocked out of the box for VR-ready power - with NVIDIA GeForce GT 1080 graphics working alongside a Core i7 chip to deliver a proper 4K experience. And it shouldn’t get you too hot, either, thanks to some smartly placed vents and fans which direct air away from your body. Batteries are hot-swappable, too, so the only thing that’ll curtail your VR session is your stomach.

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