WOWCube is the lovechild of a handheld console and a Rubik’s Cube

Let’s twist again
21 January 2021 / 12:41GMT

Move over Playdate, there’s an even weirder games console in town. WOWCube ($249, available late 2021) packs in 24 tiny connected displays across eight modules you can tilt, tap, shake and twist, like a simplified Rubik’s Cube. The aim is to boost spacial awareness and get you thinking in three dimensions when it comes to games. But CubiOS enables each module to act independently too. So plonk WOWCube in its dock and the 240×240px 243ppi IPS screens can instead be used to display widgets (weather, news, social feeds and so on) or screensavers like a blobby lava lamp – handy when you need to calm down after a strenuous session of Arkanoid. There’s a STEM angle too, with a free SDK giving you the opportunity to create apps and games that’ll make the world twist and shout.