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Dell’s Concept UFO is a Nintendo Switch for PC games

Shame that right now it’s just a prototype

In the tech world, ‘borrowing’ the best ideas from rival brands is as normal as boldly code-naming new products after Greek gods. And how we wish every gaming company would brazenly rip off the Nintendo Switch. Which brings us nicely onto Dell and Alienware’s Concept UFO, a wild prototype device that’s probably best described as a PC gaming Switch on steroids. The main unit has an 8in 1900x1200p display with detachable controllers on either side. You can either use it as a handheld or remove the controllers and flip a kickstand on the screen portion. Sound familiar? If you want big-screen gaming, just connect the Concept UFO to an external monitor via USB-C and play with a keyboard and mouse as you would with a normal gaming PC. Given that there’s no guarantee this thing will ever exist as a consumer product, it’s no surprise that Alienware has said nothing about specs, but the device runs Windows 10 and can access all of your PC library. So we’ll just leave you daydreaming about on-the-go Apex Legends.