Kef LSX are a pair of high-end wireless baby boomers

Streaming ahead
01 November 2018 / 10:29GMT

You’d only have to say, ‘They’re really expensive’ and ‘they take up loads of room in your house’ before someone would guess you’re talking about a full stereo set-up. Your game of 20 questions would be over in a flash. Which is why Kef has given life to its new music system building on the successes of the famed LS50s, slashing both the size and price in half (now £1,000). Majestic sound ensured, it’s built for modern homes offering Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and plays nice with Spotify, Apple music and Tidal. Wind your neck over to the back and there’s aux inputs and a subwoofer if you’re still after a bit more audio beef. Available now and in a devastatingly handsome array of colours: maroon, blue, gloss white, black and olive.