The Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex is a wireless speaker that streams 24-bit audio

Music to your ears
12 September 2019 / 17:03BST

If you’re of the opinion typical wireless audio kit is little better than hearing your favourite band perform their hits from inside a giant biscuit tin, you should point your ears towards Formation Flex (£399). Makers Bowers & Wilkins claim its little wonder outputs the highest quality sound found in a standalone wireless speaker of this size. This means 96kHz/24-bit, for a purer and cleaner sound than you get from current rivals. Dynamic EQ optimises your tunes in real-time, too, for high performance and reportedly less distortion than other systems. Although this all works with a single unit, you can grab a pair to go stereo, or a set of Formation speakers for 5.1 surround sound goodness. In either case, B&W software will ensure your speakers have a minuscule 1 microsecond sync – imperceptible to even the fussiest audiophile, no matter how finely tuned they believe their ears to be.