The best iOS 9 features you've yet to discover

We've been waiting for these features for a long, long time

We’ve been messing around on the beta version of iOS 9 for a while now. While it’s not the most stable, we’ve unearthed a bunch of cool features from its depths to get excited about.

Here’s the top 9 so you’ll know what to expect when you download the new OS today. 

Search deeper

You'll never lose anything in iOS 9 again. The search feature gets more intelligent, allowing you to find things within even apps themselves. Say you want to find your favourite mac and cheese recipe: all you've got to do is type what you’re looking for into the search bar and you’ll get results from everywhere like Notes and Mail.

And even before you type anything into the search bar, you already get suggestions from the ever-helpful Siri as to where you can find recent contacts and apps you’ve used.

Extend battery life

If there’s one thing we’ll never say no to, it’s better battery life. Our prayers have been heard. If you update your iOS 8 to 9, you will find a brand new setting that will extend your battery life in one fell swipe, instead of forcing you to tweak different settings manually.

Enabling Low Power Mode is what you should do when you find yourself with rapidly decreasing charge (it all goes downhill from 20%). What it does is reduce or turn off the biggest battery suckers in your iPhone. It's said to give you up to an extra hour, which is plenty of time to get to the sanctuary of a power socket.

More creative options noted

You can do a lot more than just typing down text in Notes. There are new tools for you to work with like taking a photo or video directly from within the app to insert into the note itself or even sketching inside.

Just tap that squiggle icon and you'll get a range of tools to work with, including the underrated straight ruler. But what's the most practical is the bullet point which you can also check off as you complete your tasks or buy everything you need on your shopping list.