Like the HP 7160, this comes with a whopping 3.5inch LCD screen designed to let you choose and edit images without turning to your computer. Print straight from xD, Memory Stick or SD cards just by sticking them in the front panel, or anything else by hooking it up to the USB connection.

Nice screen – what can you do with it?

That generous screen means you can pick out the images you want from a card without squinting or excess eyestrain. It's then straightforward to remove red-eye, specify different framing options and generally tidy things up.

Obviously it's some way short of even rather basic Photoshop trickery, but it's simple to use and spares you the effort of training other members of the household which way round the mouse goes.

Six inks, but slow

The R360 is designed for photo printing, so it's no surprise that this gives the best results. However, while Epson's six-ink system trumps the cheaper models it isn't as impressive as the HP, and the speed as which it's laid down doesn't do anything to lift it - it's not achingly sluggish, but not particularly fast either.

Text printing isn't the best either; serviceable, but not as crisp as the competition, although switching to draft mode means that it can be rattled off at higher than average speed.

That makes the R360 a solid, if not particularly exciting contender for casual photo use and the occasional letter.

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Acceptable photo printing straight from the camera – ideal for the computer-phobic