Most of the time, we’re not particularly keen on the idea of a hyperactive DJ telling us to flick it, twist it and pull it. But, sometimes, offensively pleasant dinner party guests need to have their dark side exposed by a game that is equal parts fun and fist-clenchingly irritating. That game is Bop It Download.     

New voices

This new member of the Bop It family takes the game to a whole new level. You can now plug the unit into your computer and download new voices, sounds and music. There’s also a microphone so you can bop to your own commands.

The benefit of this is that you can avoid having the same voice barking out instructions as you attempt to complete all 15 levels and reach the high score of 1000. If that’s not enough bopping, you can also unlock new sounds.

Stereo Bop It

But the big difference between this version and its predecessor is the option of getting new beats and voices for the game. You can do this by downloading the Bop It software and plugging the game into your computer via USB.

Solo missions are great, but we particularly enjoyed the way we could plug the unit into our stereo to play the group games at full volume. The game is, as usual, as addictive as it is frustrating, but is fortunately durable enough to withstand the throw across the living room.

Stuff says... 

Bop It Download review

Occasionally makes you want to chew your own shoe in frustration, but Bop It is king among cheap and addictive party games