The Archos AV700 TV's 7in screen is unquestionably a great thing for portable video, but the downside is the unit's wrist-snapping weight of 600g. There is a solution for long road trips though – this headrest adaptor.

Peace comes at a price

The accessory is nothing more than a set of straps which loop through the unit and wind round your headrest. This means that set up is straightforward, as long as your headrest is wider than 200mm and has a gap for feeding the straps through. You can then turn on the Freeview, give your passenger some headphones and enjoy a quiet drive.

Our only gripe is that this sort of accessory could easily have been bundled with the unit, but if you've got some kids in the backseat to placate, the guaranteed quiet makes it worth the outlay.

Stuff says... 

Archos Car headrest adaptor review

A touch expensive, but having quiet in the backseat on a motorway slog is priceless