Arcam has in its infinite wisdom named its new satellites Muso, and the accompanying subwoofer Logo. Luckily that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to Pink Floyd’s back catalogue, but rather get to enjoy punchy sound from a system designed to discreetly blend in with your living room.

Good integration

The most common flaw in multichannel systems is the integration between sub and sats, but the not-so-lardy Logo fits in snugly with its satellite siblings. Its offerings are articulate, with a good mid-range – none of that cavernous faux-bass many systems try to palm off on us. 

The sats aren’t the smallest in the solar system, but small enough to snuggle into corners without having to be moved every time you do the hoovering. 

No prizes for style

The system might not be a style icon along the lines of rival packages from the likes of KEF but is easy to install and drive, making it a perfect partner for a not-so-powerful budget receiver. 

Pair the Muso/Logo package with the Arcam Movie Solo, which they sound like they were specifically designed to work with, and the whole becomes far greater than the sum of its parts.

Stuff says... 

Arcam Muso review

Stuff says: Not the heaviest bass we’ve heard nor the most stylish design, but a good performer with serious sonic appeal