TomTom is doubling down on health and fitness for 2016 - so much so it's changing its name to TomTom Sports.

First out the gate for the new sub-brand? The Spark 3, a new revision of the all-in-one smartwatch that should get you fit no matter what sport or exercise you prefer.

It's got everything you'd expect from a fitness-focused wearable, like built-in heart rate tracking and on-board storage for music, plus a few new additions that could make it the go-to watch for more adventurous athletes.


Both the Runner and the Spark have used the same one button control scheme and monochrome display since they launched, and that's not changed here. They've both gone on a bit of a diet, though.

TomTom has slimmed down the strap, so it doesn't take up so much space on your wrist, and swapped the material out for one that'll give a grippier feel. 

I'm a big fan of the new colour choices, too. The lime green is definitely distinctive, but it's hidden away from view once you've strapped the watch onto your wrist.



Sticking to a tried and tested running route is all well and good, but sometimes you want to explore and try something new. Last year's Spark struggled here, as it didn't have any route guidance.

That's changed for 2016, so now the Spark 3 can record and display your current route. If you know where you want to go before you set off, you can upload a route to the watch from a PC or your phone. Heading out into the unknown? It'll track the path you've taken when you're not following a set route, so you can trace it back if you need to turn around and head home.

TomTom knows a thing or two when it comes to GPS and sat-nav tech, so i don't doubt it'll prove accurate when I get to strap one on and take it for a test run. The monochrome screen might look a little low resolution, but it means you won't have to squint to work out which line was your running route, and which is a dangerous dual carriageway.



The original Spark's big feature was built-in storage, so you could fill your watch with music tracks and leave your phone at home. Handy if your workout gear doesn't have pockets, but no good if you didn't have a pair of Bluetooth buds to pair with your watch.

Top-end versions of the Spark 3 will launch with a set of bundled buds, which TomTom has redesigned for a better fit. They've got a neckband design, but felt light enough that you'll barely notice them while you're in the workout zone. 

I didn't get a chance to hear how they sounded, but the sweat resistant rubber design should make them perfect for taking to the gym.

Already got a pair of Bluetooth cans? You'll be able to buy a Spark standalone, withouth the bundled in-ears, and save yourself a bit of cash.

TomTom Spark 3 initial verdict

The Spark was already a pretty comprehensive fitness watch, but this third version goes one better with route exploration. If consistency is key when it comes to training, this'll make sure you aren't straying off the beaten path.

I'm a big fan of the slimmer, slicker design, too. Previous Spark and Runner watches didn't exactly scream "ATHLETE" but I could see myself wearing one of these 24/7 - not just when it's time to jump on the bike.

I'm hoping to take them for a real workout a little closer to launch, to see how they stack up to the competition. They'll be going on sale in September, with prices starting from £119.

Pre-order the Spark 3 here from TomTom