We wish this iPad Pro concept was real

3D FaceTime, a plus-size screen and a hidden camera. Apple, take note – this iPad concept ticks all the boxes

Interface design company Ramotion has created an iPad concept which should get even the mildest Apple fans hot under the collar..

Dubbed the iPad Pro, the concept is a marriage between the portability of the iPad, and the larger screen and power of the MacBook Pro, and we want one. Now.

For starters, the iPad Pro concept's 12.9in 4096 x3072 display would serve up nearly 400 pixels per inch, while offering plenty of extra room to browse the web, read documents and watch movies.

The extra screen real estate essentially provides the space of two iPad Minis, and the multi view ability with easy sharing between two open applications is something we wish Apple will bake into iOS 8.

Two 64-bit A7 processors should be able to handle all those tasks and much, much more, and gaming at that resolution would be eyeball heaven.

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We wish this iPad Pro concept was real -  2We wish this iPad Pro concept was real -  3

On the outside, the iPad Pro concept has a unique damage resistant coating over its metallic shell, while the rear 8MP camera is cleverly hidden beneath the rear Apple logo's one-way glass, providing a cleaner, less cluttered look. 

Speaking of cameras, the iPad Pro concept has not one, but three full HD Facetime camera's gracing its front for 3D video calls, 3D menu's and gesture controls.

And if you think that's too far fetched then you probably haven't seen Amazon's leaked smartphone which boasts the same functionality, thanks to its four front-facing head tracking cameras.

The speakers have also been given a boost. There are four in each corner, and their levels can be individually adjusted for enhanced playback.

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Even the cables and headphones have been given attention, with more durable ends to prevent bending and fraying.

We wish this iPad Pro concept was real

Throw in a MacBook-like charger with LED battery indicators, and we've got one hell of an attractive package.

Now, if only it were real...

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I've always thought it was cool idea to hide either the camera/flash behind the Apple logo. The headphones are stil pants, I'd personally rather they the headphones out and gave you £20 voucher towards a decent pair of headphones from the Apple store. Also wondered why the iPhone/iPad still haven't got stereo speakers, more so as Apple  the whole downloading and playing music on your portable devices

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