This Tosh looks like it’s the king of the castle, spec-wise: it offers high resolution, is lighter than a plasma and even gives you two HDMI inputs, one for your 360, one for Sky HD. Now isn’t that thoughtful?

It's the thought that counts

Feed this Toshiba an HD signal and it’ll impress – the colours are both dramatic and realistic, while contrast is decent. But even this ‘best-case’ scenario isn’t quite perfect: the Toshiba’s edge-definition could be better and the image still appears quite soft.

Maybe not

If you drop down the quality levels – down to plain old broadcast TV, for example – things take more of a dive. Picture noise intrudes notably and, whatever you’re watching, the sound quality is pants.

Alas, the Toshiba 42WLT58 looks good on paper, and it certainly has some admirable strengths – but as a day-to-day TV, it’s on a losing streak, frankly.


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Toshiba 42WLT58 review

Toshiba’s LCD looks good on paper, but as a day-to-day TV, it’s on a losing streak

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