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LG RH278H review

The LG RH278H offers you a full 250GB of hard disk space – but only lets you fill it with analogue TV. Grrrr…

At first glance, this LG DVD recorder seems like a serious budget option. It scales up to 1080i, has a full complement of sockets including HDMI and supports virtually every format you could wish for.

The RH278H also has a shiny, sturdy body, compromised only by rather cheap-feeling buttons. But there is a big anomaly in its spec – there’s no digital tuner, only analogue.  

Analogue only

This somewhat strange decision means you’ll only be able to fill the drive with offerings from channels one to five. Cable and satellite users may shrug their shoulders in an unconcerned show of superiority, but considering the great analogue switch-off ahead, it seems a major omission.

Lacklustre tuner

Despite this, the main reason the LG dwells in Average Avenue is because the analogue tuner’s performance is poor, which of course results in disappointing recordings.

TV pictures are grainy, noisy and washed out, with scenes of subtle and fast motion looking like they’re taking place in a monsoon with particularly jagged raindrops.

DVD to the rescue

DVD playback is better, but is a little flat and uninvolving when compared to the best in class. Still, if you already have a digital source like cable or Sky and don’t want to spend more than £200, you could give the LGH278H a whirl.


Stuff Says…

Score: 3/5