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Jamungo Buds Series 2 review

Putting My Little Pony out to pasture with other run-of-the-mill figurines is the edgy Jamungo collection. Watch your back, GI Joe

Ever since the Garbage Pail Kids reigned down their iconic form of hate in trading card form back in the 80s, we’ve had something of a penchant for action figures with an edge. And here to sate our thirst for twisted toys is the second series of Jamungo Blow Up Dolls.

Tick, tick, tick, boom

In case you’re concerned, these little mutant creatures aren’t inflatable or called Suzy. They just have bomb-shaped heads and, in some cases, glow in the dark.

Created by artists including Frank Kozik, Jermaine Rogers and Meomi, the BUDS range from the pug-faced BackScratch, to the foliage-faced Treeby. All the figures have moving heads, bodies, legs and arms and come with their very own match.

Collector’s items

There are fourteen brand new designs and three secret figures to collect. Judging by the silhouette on the boxes, one of the secret designs could resemble either Che Guevara or Frank Spencer. Either way, there’s a beret involved.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5