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InFocus IN78 review

Approach the InFocus IN78 with caution. It may look harmless but despite its dinky dimensions and glossy black finish what we might have here is the giant-killer of the home projector world.

The InFocus IN78 comes from a long line of champions, following on from the award-winning IN74 and IN76 (which came in at £999 and £1400 respectively) in this high-quality budget range.

So, the question is: can the IN78 live up to its illustrious older siblings? Is it a Serena Williams or a Ralph Schumacher?

Luckily for home cinema fans, it’s the former. The IN78 puts in an absolutely storming performance and heaps shame on projectors costing up to £1000 more.

The picture quality is sumptuous with DVDs, excellent with HDTV and it isn’t even tripped up by the stumbling block that is standard-def Freeview. It’s richer, more lustrous and just plain better than its cheaper sibling and easily worth the £600 premium.

And that’s because InFocus hasn’t just grabbed the cash and run off whooping in the general direction of Amsterdam.

Instead, it’s slapped down all the extra money on a batch of new Texas Instruments DarkChip3. The black magic this chip performs deep inside the IN78 ensures a denser, richer picture and sees the contrast ratio improve from 3000:1 to 3500:1. Money well spent, we say.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5