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Canon Selphy CP330 review

If you want to print your own postcards from your holiday hammock, the dinky CP330 is well worth a place in your suitcase

Digital photography brought photo processing into the consumers’ home, but it was portable printers that really freed the shackles and made printing photos while on holiday a reality. This classic from Canon’s Selphy line is a fine example of this super-compact breed.

The CP-330 charges top whack, but its teeny dimensions – it weighs only 990g – and the option of powering it with a battery mean you can use it absolutely anywhere, bar the summit of K2.

It uses dye-sublimation tech, which means durable and dry printouts, and the media costs are fixed, as you can buy the paper and ribbons in packs.

The only thing lacking is a memory card slot, but it’s no disaster – just plug in your camera, and you’re away. Add excellent print quality to this convenience, and you have a nigh-on essential addition to your photography armoury. 

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5