OS X Mountain Lion to get Siri dictation and offline Reading List

Apple's OS X developer beta yields up its secrets – including Siri-powered dictation, as found on the iPad

Looks like you could be speaking to your Mac before long – the Siri-based dictation feature from iPads looks set to be included in Mountain Lion. That's according to 9to5Mac, who have unearthed a (currently non-functional) Start Dictation keyboard shortcut – holding down both Cmd keys – in the developer beta of Mountain Lion.

Given that it's a rather clunky shortcut, we can but hope that Apple will be adding a dedicated dictation key to future keyboards – maybe on the rumoured Ivy Bridge MacBooks?

Apple also looks to be bringing an offline Safari Reading List feature to Mountain Lion – according to GearLive, who stumbled across a message stating that "Reading List articles are available for viewing while you are offline." Not an essential add-on, but it's nice to know you'll soon be able to browse Stuff.tv when you're not connected.

Via The Verge

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