Nokia and Microsoft preparing to announce 'alliance'

It's fast turning into 'gang up on Google' week in the tech world – FaceBook and Friendfeed were at it yesterday, and today at 4pm UK time

Our optimistic, gadget-hungry side is hoping they'll announce a Nokia netbook that runs Windows 7, but the rumours are that we'll receive the slightly less fireworks-worthy news that the Finns' smartphones will be getting a mobile Office Suite.

That would make sense for Microsoft, with many N Series owners using QuickOffice or, gasp, turning to Google's cloud-based Docs. And with Nokia's smartphones starting feeling the heat from Android, a helping hand from their long lost uncle from Redmond – who previously gave Symbian Silverlight support – certainly wouldn't hurt.

We'll bring you the news – Nokia netbook or no Nokia netbook – when it breaks this afternoon.