Nintendo Wii U launching in time for Christmas 2012

It looks like Ninty's quirky effort will be the first of the big three next-gen consoles to hit our shelves

Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata has stated that the Wii U will launch in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia before the end of 2012, Reuters reports.

A 2012 release date should catapult the Wii U to the top of Christmas lists worldwide and will give Nintendo a head start ahead of the Xbox 720 (likely due in 2013) and the Playstation 4, whose release date is still sketchy.

Microsoft's Xbox 720 may already be 20 percent more powerful than the Wii U on its release, but lack of power hasn't stop Ninty's consoles from selling like gold plated hotcakes in the past.

We expect to hear more details on the Wii U as this year's E3 approaches, so keep your gaming radars tuned to for more information.

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