New Apple TV is on the way (no, not THAT Apple TV)

Apple could have a new black hockey puck media machine on the way, according to Amazon's clues
New Apple TV is on the way (no, not THAT Apple TV)

Amazon's French and German sites have listed the third generation Apple TV as out of stock, suggesting that a refreshed version is on the way.

The sites state that the Apple TV won't be back in stock until 23 October, one day after the big iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 launch next Tuesday.

If you're on the verge of picking up an Apple TV, you might want to hold back for a few days to see what Tim Cook reveals on stage next week.

On the other hand, the existing Apple TV might simply be getting a software update to bring its look and feel in line with iOS 7. This seems likely, given the similarities in design language between the new mobile OS and the forthcoming OS X Mavericks.

Either way, feel free to read up on all we think we know about the iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, Mac OS X Mavericks, and the Apple iWatch. All of which are expected to be revealed next week.

Well, apart from the iWatch. Who knows when that'll grace the world with its presence...