iPhone 5 to have thinner screen?

Apple using in-cell touch panel tech to shave fractions of a millimetre off the wonder phone's girth


The iPhone 4S is pretty trim at 9.3mm – but Apple's going to extraordinary lengths to slimline the iPhone 5. The tech wizards of Cupertino are using in-cell touch panels to slim down the device's screen, according to The Wall Street Journal's sources.

Conventional touch panels feature a glass layer, a capacitive sensor layer and an LCD layer – in cell touch panels incorporate the touch sensors into the LCD layer, making for a thinner phone.

Rumours of in-cell touch tech being incorporated into the iPhone 5 first surfaced earlier in the year, with a KGI Securities analyst concluding that Apple's next phone would be a mere 7.9mm thick – nearly as thin as the 7.2mm iPod Touch. Between that and the Wall Street Journal's sources, it's looking increasingly likely that the iPhone 5 will feature this slimming tech.

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[via The Verge]

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