iPhone 5 to get 4in screen and unibody redesign

The latest analyst's report from Asian tech suppliers has got us jumping up and down for a new iPhone build again

Hands up who was still hoping for the completely redesigned iPhone 5 when Tim Cook first stuck an image of the iPhone 4S on screen last year. In your defence, sometimes it's just more exciting when the outsides of gadgets change along with those hidden spec bumps.

According to Business Insider, Brian White – an analyst for Wall Street firm Topeka Capital Markets – has sent back some rather tasty iPhone 5 predictions from a tour of suppliers in China and Taiwan. White says the next iPhone will be the "most significant upgrade yet" with a 4in screen and a "new, sleek look" that involves a unibody case – so far no surprises.

White also mentions that the iPhone 5 should come with 4G (LTE) which is an almost dead cert now since the latest iPad came in 4G models. The analyst also pegs the launch date as around August or September 2012, with production of components beginning in June, to keep it more in line with last October's iPhone 4S launch. Can you wait that long for a new iPhone shape to worship?

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