iPad 2 beats iPad 3 in drop test

Dare you watch as gadget geeks send Apple's new tablet to an untimely end? Course you do, let's take a look at the damage.

Well, to be fair they're both goners. The new iPad 3 (reviewed in depth here) and iPad 2 have been put well and truly to the test by SquareTrade in this YouTube vid that'll make Apple fanboys squirm.

Both the iPads were dropped from waist height and shoulder height and the test included the punishing face down test for both tablets - oooh, we can't wait to see some cracks all over that Retina Display. Actually we'd prefer the iPad 3 in pristine form but then we're not the ones throwing around our new toys.

SquareTrade gave the iPad 2 the prize even though both screens shattered considerably even when dropped from waist height – but the bargain Apple tablet just beat the newbie in that its screen was falling off slightly less. Nice.

If you can bear it, take a look at what will happen if you splurge on a new iPad 3 but are too cheap for a protective case.


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