Is AppleCare+ for iPhone 4S and iPad 3 launching in the UK?

If you're prone to smashing your gadgets to bits and worship Apple, you might be able to let Cupertino protect your hardware before long

It's nearing time for Apple to launch something – but with smashed iPhone 4S screens littering the place, potential iPad 3 (or iPad HD) owners might be interested in reports that Apple is set to expand its iPhone-only AppleCare+ protection plan to the iPad. And we're hoping that Apple will find it in its polycarbonate heart to bring the US-only-for-now scheme over to the UK too.

Both MacRumours and 9to5Mac have sources claiming that the iPad 3 will be included in AppleCare+ which currently costs US$99 (£63) and extends free repair service to two years from when you first clamp hands on your iPhone 4S.

That includes accidental damage – and you can get up to two new handsets at $49 (£31) each if you're particularly clumsy; much better than the current £120 Apple will charge you to swap a damaged handset if you're stuck without cover. Not the most exciting iPad 3 rumour around but we're hoping AppleCare+ will get a mention at the launch.

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