Apple iPad 2 hands-on

We've smeared the screen of Apple's next-gen tablet

So, we live blogged the iPad 2 launch, and now we've had a chance to play with the tablet itself.

Physically, it feels wafer-like compared to the original iPad. It's 33% thinner at 8.8mm compared to the original's 13.4mm. Rather than it feeling flimsy or easily dropped, the thinness feels more natural.

Flicking between heavy-duty apps such as the new iMovie and Garageband is very quick. That dual-core processor is obviously doing it's thang.

The screen seems sharper. We know it isn't but it seems like it.

The Smart Cover is very cool, easily flicked and folded around to protect the screen or prop the iPad up for typing or video. Doesn't stop the back getting scratched, though.

Overall, nice. We were hoping for more improvements, but at least some of what we hoped for has come into fruition.


iPad 2: available from 25 March

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